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Trading Support
    NetStation with
    Trading Support

    NetStation now features
    integration for live trading with
    supported FX & CFD brokers.

NetDania NetStation

A World-Renowned Platform for Analysis & Trading

NetStation now allows existing clients of its Supported Brokers to add accounts to perform analysis and place orders directly with their brokers. View our Supported Brokers


The capabilities of the NetStation software may be tested using our Demo trading engine that provides paper trading capabilities. If you have a live account with one of our supported brokers, you can request to utilise NetStation Live to access your live trading with your broker.

To trade using NetStation , you will need your trading login from your supported broker, where you can simply download NetStation, and inside a wizard will guide you through the setup.

See also: Supported Brokers

Please Notice

Please see: Special Terms for using NetStation Live & NetDania Mobile

NetDania Markets does not act as a counterparty to any trading. Users of NetStation Live must have existing accounts in place with one of our supported brokers to utilise NetStation Live, and their designated broker will handle all trade related activity directly with them. As such, NetDania Markets does not promote or recommend any financial service offered by the supported brokers. NetDania Markets is a mere technology provider.