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    You can use your own liquidity providers, or use a
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NetDania Markets for Brokers

In association with CFH Clearing, NetDania Markets offers ClearVision/NetDania - a full broker technology solution for FX & CFD brokers. ClearVision/NetDania is used by new brokers, growing brokers and market leaders alike. If offers state-of-the-art ability to control and merge liquidity sources, control risk and exposure, and to run A-books and B-books on a very granular level.

Additionally, ClearVision/NetDania allows the broker to offered the pre-integrated and world-renowned NetDania NetStation and NetDania Mobile platforms to clients. 

Excellent Liquidity Control

The ClearVision/NetDania tools are available separately or as a full package, depending on your business needs. On the back-end, the ClearVision/NetDania suite offers a dedicated aggregator for full liquidity control and a centralised risk management system with superb B-book management features. All client configurations can be individualised and customized down to the symbol level. The ClearVision level of control and flexibility helps you optimise your daily operations and increase your bottom line.

World-renowned Platforms

On the front-end side, you can attract clients to your brokerage business by offering the well-known trading platforms NetDania NetStation and NetDania Mobile. The latter is of of the highest end-user rated financial apps in existence. The cloud-based NetStation trading platform and the NetDania mobile app both have a large global following.

They are integrated with the ClearVision back-end and deployable with your pricing and platform contents. All platforms customise fully to your brand. Their advanced functionality and customisablility helps you set your brokerage business apart from the competition.